Seasons Guide

Instead of the usual 24h Challenges and Weekly Leagues, we’re introducing new Seasons into Nation Nation.



A season is a long-term event, lasting for a whole month, with really cool prizes at the end.

It will consist of several parts:


The first part is the Season Qualification round.

  • You will need to qualify using a car that corresponds to the minimum requirements of the seasonal event.
  • In order to proceed, you’ll need to finish in the top 50.
  • The Qualification round is available throughout the season, so it can be passed at any time.
  • You can see your result by tapping on the leaderboard button.
  • In order to get the special prize you need to collect Season Points (SP), which are gained by competing in the league.


The Season League is where the fun begins!


  • After the passing the qualifying round, you will start competing in the Bronze League, (regardless of geolocation, in Seasons there is no division by region.)
  • You can not re-qualify after that, the qualification race is unavailable until the end of the Season.
  • You can participate in every league event with a car that corresponds to the requirements, this is how you obtain Season Points (SP).
  • The more races you win, the more SP you get, and the higher your rating in the tournament is. The higher your rating – the higher the chance to get a cool prize.
  • The league has its own leaderboard, you can check your current position there.
  • Every league event lasts for 24 hours on weekdays, and 48 – on the weekends.
  • If you miss at least one League event – you won’t go next, you will be transferred to the previous league. Except for Bronze  – you won’t downgrade till Qualification.
  • If you are among the top players, you will be promoted up to the next league.
    If your result is in the middle, you will stay in same league.
    If you are in the lowest ranks or miss the event, you also will be dropped back down to the previous league.
  • When the League Event ends, the results are calculated and you will receive SP after the end of each event.
  • At the end of the season, your SP will be calculated. Your ranking in Season Leaderboard will depend on your SP amount. The higher your position, the higher the chances of getting the feature prizes of that season.