Game Modes

Game Modes

Drivers Battle

A clash of inexperienced drivers: race a randomly selected opponent’s car.

  • Race down the track in a randomly assigned car against your opponent, who is also driving a randomly assigned car.
  • You never know what kind of car you will get, but your opponent will be surprised too!
  • Seize the moment – this mode is only available 3 times a day.
  • Victory awards you not only a cash prize but rare parts to improve your car!

Underground Tournament

Drivers pick their opponent among four randomly selected tournament contestants and compete for the prize over a series of 10 races. After the 6th race, players receives mystery bonuses, which can include blueprints, upgrade kits or boosters – skillful implementation of these boosters later on can become the deciding factor over victory or defeat. Rewards improve the further a player makes it in the tournament. But beware this Reaction Time race features a variable timed Yellow(Amber) light!

  • Overcome a series of increasingly difficult opponents
  • Pay the entrance fee and get an increasing reward for each win
  • Even if you lose three times and drop out of the tournament, you get to keep all the benefits you’ve earned!
  • The final reward gives you the best possible blueprints and upgrade cards to improve your car!

Toyo Tires Race Series

A special 5 stage race, where your reaction matters!

  •  Hit the right start time to get the upper hand.
  •  Bet and race against 5 drivers in increasingly challenging races.
  •  Win a unique blueprint for your car and a lot of cash!