Fetty Wap becomes a part of Nitro Nation Stories!

The biggest racing game release of the season has sprung on to the market. Creative Mobile, in collaboration with Moor Games present racing adventure game Fetty Wap: Nitro Nation Stories. Featuring hip hop star Fetty Wap (known for his hit singles ‘Trap Queen’ ‘679’ ‘My Way’), along with his partner Monty and the RGF Production Team.

Sure to bring serious excitement to racers, hip hop lovers and especially Fetty Wap fans, this smashing new game combines the charisma of award winning singer Fetty Wap, and his partners Monty and the RGF Production Team with the excitement of underground street racing.

We noticed that Fetty had an affinity for street racing culture, whether it was driving one of his supercars or doing tricks on his dirt bike. As we followed these trends, we realized that he had a personality like no other.” says Moor Games co-founder and CEO Davon Robinson in a recent interview.

An A-list talent who could sing, make catchy music, laugh with fans on Snapchat, and could do donuts in supercars and tricks on 4-wheelers. All of the aforementioned made it easy for us to create a mobile game around him.

The game officially launches on May 3rd,  to mark the occasion Fetty Wap, Monty and RGF Productions along with the Creative Mobile and Moor Games teams will be celebrating in New York City to launch the game in style. Fans can install the game on the App Store and Google Play at:

App Store https://goo.gl/SPKKjq

Google Play https://goo.gl/yqhRKJ

Players looking for a multiplayer racing experience with their friends will be pleased with the unique features in the game. Local Multiplayer mode allows 2 players to race together on a single device with a split screen. Fans of console quality gaming will be able to enjoy racing on a big screen with Apple TV and Android TV using compatible gamepad controllers.

A real racing experience would not be complete without unbelievable contests and prizes, and Fetty Wap: Nitro Nation Stories is no exception. Each week a top player in the Underground Tournament is eligible to receive a unique promo code that will give them real rewards and merchandise signed by Fetty Wap and Monty.

For the latest news about Fetty Wap: Nitro Nation Stories visit:

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