Nitro Nation Dev Blog

Summer was busy and full of surprises – we launched a major update developed over many months, finally released the mighty Dodge Demon and arguably the most wanted car in the project’s history in Evo X, and got featured on the App Store and Google Play.



However, it’s already September, and the next major update is right around the corner. Which means it’s time to talk about the features and content packed into 6.1!


  • Introducing League Seasons

Previously, daily tournaments didn’t really talk to each other and there was little value in being a regular participant. Version 6.1 unifies these events into new monthly “seasons” with an additional prize pool at the end of each cycle!

We have also redesigned the UI to show upcoming and past events (and their requirements) right in the game (but will continue posting the cute calendar pages on Instagram!).




Essentially, this means more visibility into what’s coming up, and an additional prize pool for those who consistently participate in the daily events.


  • Improved car selection UI

The “quick info” tray that you get by tapping on the car name in the top bar is gone. In its place, a new collection view shows your entire roster and lets you switch cars without going to the garage and scrolling through the list.

Filters will make it easy to find the car you need:



When joining an event with specific restrictions (e.g. Car Series), the “switch car” option will no longer take you to the garage. Instead, all eligible cars will be shown on the same page.

What if you have the right car, but it doesn’t comply with the power or cog restrictions? To make it easier to configure cars for specific events, we’ve added a new “remove all upgrades” shortcut to each upgrade category, which makes it easy to revert to stock configuration and then re-install individual parts based on your requirements.


  • Team ranking in Live Multiplayer

In addition to the individual leaderboard, real-time multiplayer will now feature a team leaderboard with additional prizes at the end of the cycle. More prizes!

  • Ultra-widescreen support

6.0 shipped without proper optimization for 18:9 and similar ultra-wide screens because we wanted a “clean sheet” approach after all the new features were put in place.

The UI in 6.1 is fully redesigned to use all available screen estate on any device.

  • Rumble Royale

Random Rumble introduced in 6.0 was, in many ways, a test – we are now following up with a much bigger and more accessible format for up to 100 concurrent players!

  • Optimizations

We’ve improved the speed of switching cars in the garage and dealership dramatically (up to 2x on some devices) and added many smaller fixes and optimizations elsewhere.

  • In-game community hub

With all the new game modes and competition formats, it’s time to step up our game when it comes to in-game messaging. Please meet KTPlay – an instant in-app community hub, and a place where you can check the latest news, ask a question or just chat with racers worldwide – whether you are in the same team or not.




  • New cars!

Version 6.0 set a very high standard with much-requested fantasy rides, but 6.1 doesn’t want to drop the ball! A new major brand with huge racing pedigree will make its debut, and an entirely new category of cars will join the lineup.

Looking beyond 6.1, the end of this year will bring a delicious mix of muscle and JDM, big and small, classic and fresh, stock and tuned – we’ve never had so much in the works, and we can’t wait to get these beauties into your hands.


All of the above, as well as some smaller changes, can be expected next week already. We have other interesting and even bigger features in the pipeline, and do our best to detail these as well when we have a better understanding of timing.

Of course, no post about upcoming changes is worth its bandwidth if we skip over the elephant in the room. We know that multiplayer matching is a major source of frustration, so we are working towards making it more transparent.

Currently, players are matched based on time brackets, rewarding consistency. While fair “on paper”, this approach often leads to matches against higher class/cog cars or “ghosts”.

We know that racing against a car that beats your LB time or being matched against a much slower ghost isn’t fun, so we’re testing other solutions that combine fairness and transparency. This is a complex problem that runs very deep, so we are taking time to make sure the next iteration will be the best.

While 6.1 won’t address this, we wanted to let you know this is our top priority, and work is underway in parallel to other changes and updates.


Stay tuned for more updates and don’t hesitate to send in your feedback and suggestions!