Nitro Nation: strong relationship with the community is a pledge of successful development.

We heard your suggestions

Our previous dev blog – which detailed a radical new game mode that we still haven’t shipped – was a huge success.

The incredible feedback made us realize we need to push the envelope even further, and announce more visionary features shaped exclusively by your suggestions – and our limitless optimism.

Let’s get the big one out of the way. Ever since we launched the original mobile drag racing game in 2011, thousands of players have lamented one tedious process that could’ve been easily

It is time for us, as an industry, to shift gears and come up with a better way to race.



“SERIOUS PROBLEM… I have been playing this game for a while but don’t get one thing. How can l use automatic gearshift?” Harry Throttle

“I want my car to be automatic! C’mon, CM! Make dreams come true! ” Derek Tricks




Nitro Nation 6.R

We are proud to announce that, beginning with version 6.R, automatic transmissions will become available for all cars!

With the help of machine learning, we are now able to determine the best shift point using a cutting-edge GreenBand™ technology.

The AI switches gears with unparalleled precision, reducing workload and allowing drivers to focus on the one thing that matters most – winning!

Old but Gold

While frequent introduction of new cars and regular balance improvements added much-needed dynamism to the Nitro Nation metagame, some players have been concerned about the long-term value of their vehicles.

It is true that we have seen certain cars get nerfed or dethroned by competition, losing their class-leading status. In response to these concerns, we are introducing a new family of cars that really shine when it comes to value. Virtually unchanged after decades in production, Lada is unlikely to get a nerf within the next 32 years, and is truly in a class of its own.


Having paid tribute to the timeless classics, we would like to respond to calls for adding entirely new classes of vehicles.

While some of our F-class products continue to be top picks in the Cardboard Tank Racing League (CTRL), and others are winning praise as the ultimate adult toys (looking at you, Matikainen), some fans have been suggesting that racing boats would well and truly sink the competition.

As much as we like to go against the flow and turn lemons into lemonade, we just don’t see how these can be a balanced addition.



Build your dream car HOUSE!


Instead, we are proud to announce an entirely new branch of upgrades that will not disrupt the balance thanks to lack of any utility.

Soon, players will be able to upgrade their garages by adding luxurious furniture, extra rooms, swimming pools, golf courses and even private landing strips.

Future updates will include a PvP multiplayer mode for interior design battles, making Nitro Nation a more inclusive product for couples.








Opportunity is everywhere

The final major feature in our roadmap is the one we would like to hear your feedback on, as it is somewhat controversial.

Stealing tunes has been an issue for a long time, with reported cases of players entering top teams with the sole purpose of espionage.

We want to protect and reward our best tuners by allowing them to turn their work into a profitable business.

We are currently testing a feature that allows a verified Top Tuner to take a community member along for a ride, sharing some of their secrets in a confidential setting.

The cost of the ride would be agreed between the parties.









Please let us know what you think, and don’t hesitate to offer your suggestions for future updates!

Always yours, Nitro Nation Team ❤️️