Nitro Nation: shifting gears to 2019

2018 was a monumental year for Nitro Nation

We enjoyed more new features, more content, and more events than any year before, broke all of our previous records, welcomed 9 million new players and enjoyed fantastic support from our community.

Most importantly, we laid the groundwork for greater things coming in 2019 with fundamental improvements to technology and awesome new partnerships.

One of the cornerstone updates of 2018 was the new rendering engine that allowed us to gradually deliver improvements all across the board, from more detailed tracks and accurate car models to important quality-of-life upgrades such as the collection view / quick switch feature. In the coming year, we will roll out more improvements that will make Nitro Nation an even smoother experience.


A fundamental change was the introduction of Seasons

Going forward, we will continue to develop Seasons into a prestigious and valuable series with more streamlined rules and larger rewards, including more real-world prizes. Our next big goal is an overhaul of the team events. We’ll be working closely with community leaders to design the best format in the industry that will provide huge benefits to established elite teams and newcomers. We are also working to improve our in-game communication tools based on feedback from the community.

Dozens of new cars

Thanks to breakthrough new partnerships and very close collaboration, we managed to launch more new cars than ever, fulfilling top community requests with the Evo X, Dodge Demon, Camaro ZL1, and our very first SUV in Durango SRT.

Porsche and Lotus were brought onboard to delight racing purists, while world-class tuners such as Liberty Walk, Tofugarage, West Coast Customs, and Foose Design added flair and diversity. We’ll be raising the bar again in 2019 with dozens of vehicles from new and existing brands already secured and in production. We are looking at our most balanced mix yet, with anything from custom-built American muscle to fresh luxury sedans, concept cars, hybrids, and SUVs.




A Real Game Changer

For something completely new, the first quarter will bring all-new drift competitions and extra tuning options. Our main priority is to deliver a meaningful new format without undermining the value of existing drag cars and events. While we received thousands of requests from players who wanted to drive and drift their cars, we understand that a large part of our community loves Nitro Nation for what it is – a sophisticated drag racing simulation.

As a result, Drift will arrive with its own standalone Seasons and real-time 1-v-1 races that will run alongside existing events. Players interested in competitive drifting will be able to tune their existing cars with adjustable lock kits, coilovers, and sway bars. Elite drag racers will find new suspension settings useful for optimizing traction and weight transfer while lowering and stancing will become new aesthetic options for all cars.


We’re really excited about 2019 and are looking forward to a year of great updates and competitions.
We’ve come a long way thanks to the amazing support from our community members and will do our best to exceed expectations and delight our fans more than ever before.


Huge thanks for being with us.

Always yours,
Nitro Nation Team