Teams are the way to show your commitment to a common goal – become the most powerful crew in the world of Nitro Nation.

Players can easily join an existing team or start their own team. Each week, teams will be able to choose between different types of race events. Each event runs for 3 days and each day consists of 10 races. Players must win 6 of the 10 races per day to advance.

The Team Ranking Ladder is updated throughout the course of the tournament, you can see your current standings and the standings of your opponents.

Once the Tournament is finished, the top teams will be awarded points, which can be used to purchase boosters. Only the top 5 results go towards the purchase of booster points.

Boosters are unlocked based on the Team Ranking. Each Booster can be purchased by the Team leader with team points to give a temporary increase to the performance of each team member’s car.