Nitro Nation Update 3.2 Out Now!

Since the official release of Nitro Nation we’ve received lots of feedback from our players, so we took your advice and literally took the game apart and rebuilt it from the ground up!

Update your game today or download Nitro Nation on Google Play

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Have a look at some of the new and improved features:

Faster Load Times!

Previously you had to wait for the game to load, then wait for the garage to show up, and survive one last loading screen before you see the map. Not anymore! We’ve made the loading sequence much quicker, so that moving between the welcome screen, garage and map takes mere seconds.

Updated Car Dealer!

Apart from the new look, now you can buy any car at any time, even if you don’t have the class license for it. However, having the corresponding license will give you a significant discount.

New and Improved Race Locations!

Now you can race at night on the bridge from our trailer video and on a highway during the day.

The new race result screen is cleaner and all the advanced stats are shown on one screen.
A hint button can be used to get immediate suggestions based on your driving and now there’s a direct link to the Upgrades section.

Redesigned Upgrades Interface!

The upgrades are the most important part of the game, everything works the same way as before, but it’s much cleaner and easier to navigate.  Now you can see all your installed upgrades as small dots on the category screen. The dot color tells you how rare the installed part is. Inside each category you can see the components on the left side and all the parts in your storage below.

Easy to follow Map!

The Event map is now easier to navigate. Your last race is always pre-selected and you can see the event details on the right.

Better Blueprint Storage!

Each blueprint you own is shown as a large card with all the stats view able at a glance.

The Market Opens!

Now you can trade blueprints with other players. You can look at the current offers, filter by category and rarity, and sell blueprints you don’t need for gold tokens.


Find out more about the update and ask your questions on our forum thread

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