Inside the Nitro Nation: Quality Assurance

This is our third in a series of weekly interviews with the different groups that make up the Nitro Nation Online team. Today, I’m with the Quality Assurance team talking about the fine art of game testing in Nitro Nation Online.


Okay first question: What is it like to do Quality Assurance (QA) for a game like Nitro Nation?

Anton: It’s a big responsibility, this is my first time working on such a major game project and it’s been really important to developing my skills as a QA person.

Artjom: We work very closely with the Game Design, Development and Server teams. Our main responsibility is to be the final check before a game update goes to the store. To be a good QA person you should know everything about each part of the game.



Olga: As the Lead QA, I create the technical QA processes which can guarantee exceptional results. I also invent the processes for Micha to program.

Mihails: My job is to assist the QA team with automation programming. I have a computer connected with a bunch of mobile devices we call the ‘Cthulu’ (because it resembles an octopus haha.) I create bots to test the client and server side parts of the game.


What is your favorite part of Nitro Nation?

Mihails: I like to compete against other players, even when you lose you can learn a lot from your opponents, sometimes it’s even better than winning!

Olga: I like the career mode, the process of building up your car and upgrading to defeat the bosses is the best part of the game.



Anton: The physics engine in this game is really awesome. I also like the customization system, if you have the funds you can make a really amazing car into a work of art!

Artjom: I enjoy the racing ladder, it’s fun to compete with people from around the world.



Do you have any hints or tips for players?

Olga: Definitely use the crew members, they are very helpful to your game progress. Upgrading your car parts is also important to future wins.

Artjom:  It’s important to invest in a good car and the right combination of upgrades.  Do some test runs before you commit to buying the car you want.



Mihails:  Use the tuning test race to improve your car performance, upgrades might not be enough alone to win you races – a combination of tuning and upgrades will help you be the best.

Anton:  Do more experimenting! Tuning is very important, try using a different gear at different stages of the race, same with using the nitros,  they may be more effective at different parts of the race.


Thanks folks! Next week we will feature interviews will with the Programmer teams that make the Nitro Nation come alive on your device – Stay Tuned!