Inside the Nitro Nation: The Producer

This is our sixth in a series of interviews with the different groups that make up the Nitro Nation Online team. Today, I’m with the Producer talking about how all the facets of Nitro Nation come together and are organized.


Give us some background on how you got started
as the Producer Nitro Nation


Oleksandr: I joined the Nitro Nation project soon after the initial concepts and cars were developed and just as the production stage was beginning. I had experience in the past as a Producer and with Business Development, so my first big task was to start structuring the project, hiring specialists that would compose our team and assemble the right technologies.


Can you tell us what are some of the challenges
and responsibilities of the Nitro Nation Producer?

Oleksandr: Well the main responsibility is to ensure the success of the project. I want to create the best quality game and release it in good condition. The challenge is to make a successful game that is enjoyable for our players.


The other big challenge is in managing such a big group of different people and having everyone working together as a team. After 1 year, I feel like the Nitro Nation team really works well together.


Can you take us through the a typical day of working on Nitro Nation?

Oleksandr: *laughs* Everyday is a little different of course. I start each day with a clean slate, but I know that everyone I talk to is going to want something from me.

But most days start at home in the morning I am checking my inbox and replying to e-mails from our partners in the US. Because of the time difference, they need a reply before they finish their day.

Then I get to the office, we have a stand up meet for about 15 minutes. After that I look after a variety of aspects for Nitro Nation: I work with the Project Manager to make sure all the tasks and duties have been assigned and properly distributed amongst the team. I’m also the Art Director part time, so I’m often dealing with graphics and visuals, as well as marketing assets. I work with the budgets for Nitro Nation to make sure that our expenses are covered and areas like Support and Marketing are taken care of.


Recently I was looking after the game text being translated and localized for many different languages. I communicate with all our external terms (for example all our sound production is taken care of externally) so I have to look after all the contracts and agreements for those. I work with the Board to make sure that all our market parameters are being met and deal with the Google Play. I have to make the final approval before any build goes live.

Once and awhile some of our team is travelling to conferences or events, so I need to coordinate travel and meetings with potential partners. These discussions are usually to bring in more advertising, product placement deals or to port our game to new platforms.

Usually I finish the evening at home again checking and replying to e-mails. It’s a good night If I’m finished before midnight, then I start it all over the next day!


What part of Nitro Nation are you most proud of?

Oleksandr: Definitely the visuals! The race track designs are really cool and the cars are perfect. The quality is definitely the best on the mobile market and with the realistic physics for each car it makes the game really strong.



Last question, any hints to our players of what’s to come?

Oleksandr: I can say that right now we haven’t even included ½ of all the features we want to deliver. There’s a lot to look forward to (more cars, more races and some new interesting social features) So we’ve got lots of work yet to do and I hope players will stick with us!

Thanks Oleksandr! This will conclude the first series of Inside the Nitro Nation – Stay Tuned!