Inside the Nitro Nation: Game Design

This is a first in a series of weekly interviews with the different groups that make up the Nitro Nation Online team. Today, I’m with the Game Design group talking about some of the features we can look forward to with Nitro Nation Online.

First things first, What are the differences between Drag Racing and Nitro Nation Online?

Sviatoslav: In Drag Racing, the player achievement is individual, we’ve designed Nitro Nation Online to be a more social game, closer to a MMO. Now players can be part of a racing team together inside the game, we’ve made an in-game mail system as well to help support inter-player communication.

Vadim: In terms of features, we bring a lot of new things to Nitro Nation Online, we have a market place where players can buy and sell parts, players can also receive rewards of common to rare items after winning a race.


Ilia: The upgrade and tuning system in Nitro Nation Online is a lot more complex than Drag Racing, same with the visual customization. The game itself is programmed in Unity, which makes a big difference visually, we’ve developed a physics engine that really interacts well with the 3D environment.

Sergei: We’ve also introduced the crew system to Nitro Nation, each player will have the opportunity to add the Agent, Mechanic, Test Driver and Promoter to help improve their results and enhance different aspects of your race career.


What is your favorite game feature?

Ilia: I really like our car customization systems, players can create real works of art with their cars both on the outside and under the hood!

Sergei: My favorite part is the addition of the racing clubs, it’s something we were really happy to see happening in our forums and we wanted to support that kind of camaraderie in the game.

Vadim: I think the itemization system and the rewards are the best part, it adds some more excitement to winning a race and adds a level of reward and complexity to the game.

Sviatoslav: The best part are definitely the social features, now players have better opportunity to help each other out in game, buying / selling items and sending messages between each other.


Any hints or tips for the players?

Vadim: Pay attention to the achievements system, you can be rewarded with premium funds for good achievements.

Ilia: Be wise with your upgrade strategy, also be quick and lucky in the race haha!

Sviatoslav: If you think you are stuck in one part of the game, try a different mode of play, there are many options out there to succeed.

Sergei: Each car has it’s own unique style and balance, you’re going to have to test them out to find the best results for your car.


Thanks guys! Next week our interview will be with the talented team of 3D Artists that make Nitro Nation look so amazing – Stay Tuned!