Inside the Nitro Nation: Client Development Team

This is our fifth in a series of weekly interviews with the different groups that make up the Nitro Nation Online team. Today, I’m with the Client Development team talking about how Nitro Nation Online is programmed.

So the big question on everyone’s mind, how was Nitro Nation developed?

Vadym: The game was developed with Unity3D engine, using C# (C Sharp) as a scripting language. It’s a really good expandable platform, I think we’ll see more next generation ‘AAA’ titles made with Unity in the near future.


Filipp: In order for Unity3D to suit the needs of Nitro Nation we had to make a lot of customization. We use a custom physics engine by CarX that enables realistic car simulation, a custom NGUI user inferface as well as custom shaders and native optimizations for Android.

I really enjoy working with the 3D graphics, in general and Unity is easy and enjoyable to work with, other than a few bugs.

Aleksandr: Any tool is not perfect, but Unity3D is really made for small indie gaming companies, it’s been growing very quickly. The best part of working with Unity3D is you can customize your workspace depending on what area of development you are working on.


Can you explain the requirements a game has for different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc.?

Filipp: There aren’t many requirements, just to run smoothly and look fantastic. Unfortunately there are still lots of devices on the market which are not suited for serious graphic performance.


Aleksandr: The real challenge is making it compatible for different screen resolutions and graphic chipsets.

Vadym: With Unity3D it’s actually very easy to compile the game for different platforms, all the publishing options are already included.


How many lines of code is Nitro Nation?

Vadym: I would guess between 10-100,000 lines of code hahaha!


Filipp: I looked it up and there are currently 134,212 lines of C# and shaders, 910 C Sharp classes.


What are your favourite features of Nitro Nation?

Aleksandr: I really like the GUI and the realistic car sounds recorded from real cars. I think the game looks very beautiful on tablets as well.

Filipp: I really liked the stereoscopic vision that we had in the Beta, I’d really like to see that feature return.

Vadym: My favourite part is the car tuning and customization. I also really enjoy the realistic car physics.

If you are interested in going deeper into Nitro Nation and Unity3D you can see a couple of Filipp’s talks:


Thanks guys! Next week we will feature an interview with the Producer of Nitro Nation – Stay Tuned!