Inside the Nitro Nation: 3D Art & Customization

This is our second in a series of weekly interviews with the different groups that make up the Nitro Nation Online team. Today, I’m with the 3D Artists group talking about the cars and customization in Nitro Nation Online.


Let’s get started, can you guys tell us how does a 3D car model get made?

Aleksei: First we get the reference pictures for the car we are going to build, sometimes it can be difficult to get a good reference if the car is a rare one.


Mihhail: Then we start building a wireframe model, generally it takes us about 2 weeks to design a car model from start to finish, the cars in Nitro Nation Online have an average of 150 parts totally assembled, for example the wheels alone have about 12 different parts.


Pavel: Over the course of the game’s development we are continually remodeling and fine tuning car models to keep up with the game’s evolution.


What is your favorite Nitro Nation Car?

Pavel: Well the first car I did was the Mazda Rx 8, I ended up having to re-do it about 8 times. So when it was my birthday the guys gave me a cardboard Mazda model for a gift haha


Mihhail: Definitely the Mustang Boss 302!


Aleksei: I really like the Clio, it’s one of the car models I made and I think it’s really compact and fun.


Any customization or decorating tips for players?

Aleksei: I’m a fan of the classic paint jobs myself, but I really like the different types of paint finishes you can use:


  • Normal
  • Metallic
  • Gloss
  • Carbon
  • Pearl
  • Matte

Pavel: There is so much you can do with this customization system! Here’s a short list of what parts of your car you can paint / decal or tint:


  • Rims – Different models of rims
  • Windshield – Tints your windows different color
  • The roof – You can both paint it and place a decal
  • Right side / Left side – Decals
  • The hood – Decal and paint
  • Car doors – Paint
  • Trunk – Paint
  • Car doors – Paint

Mihhail: Here’s a tip; try using some of the small decals and enlarge them, you can get some really interesting shapes and patterns that way.


Thanks guys! Next week we will feature interviews will with the Programmers and QA teams that make the Nitro Nation magic happen – Stay Tuned!