Happy Birthday Nitro Nation!

Help us celebrate 3 years
of Nitro Nation Online Racing!

We’ve got some birthday surprises waiting for you:

? The BMW M4 GTS is now unlocked for a limited time along with Car Intro event!
? Chance for Special Prizes significantly increased for all Crates!
? Blueprint drop rate is doubled!
? More bonus gold and cash for each pack in the store!


Since its official release in 2014, Nitro Nation Online has wasted no time in burning rubber to the top of the racing charts on the App Store, Google Play, and the Microsoft Store. Car lovers compete in drag races against friends and rivals, form teams, compete in weekly events and tournaments, build and customize cars from from 27 international car manufacturers including BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Subaru and Volkswagen.

Creative Mobile has many reasons to celebrate Nitro Nation’s 3rd birthday, with 30 million players in 230 countries having bought over 14 million cars in-game. Players have racked up a convincing 256 million game sessions, which totals about 60 million hours of gameplay (or 6,797 years.)  

In fact, Nitro Nation racers have vigorously driven over 553 million miles (890+ million km). For those checking their odometer, that would surpass a drag race from our Sun to the planet Jupiter at 484 million miles (779 million km!)

Fans of the online multiplayer racing game can expect more than just a slice of cake for this celebration. Producer Dmitry Kazimir says, “For 3 years Nitro Nation Online has been the ultimate drag racing experience for our community. To thank our dedicated fans we’ve got some special surprises planned; including double the prizes on April 3rd, the limited release of the BMW M4 GTS car with a special car introduction event, a special gift for everyone who plays today, plus big bonuses for IAP’s and crates, as well as a contest to see players’ custom car designs featured as the career boss cars in the game.