Design & Shine Contest



Are you the hottest car stylist in Nitro Nation Online? Get your custom car featured at our Car Dealer! From Nov 17-22 we want you to share your stunning car designs with us! The best cars for each class will appear in the Car Dealer Shop with YOUR PLAYER NAME on it!

Choose any of the following cars to share your custom design and add them to our Facebook Gallery:
C street = Mazda RX-7, Toyota Supra
B street = RS3 Sportback
B1 street = Camaro ZL1 1969
A street = BMW M4, S65 AMG
A1 street = Charger Hellcat
DC race = Subaru BRZ
BB1 race = TT RS Coupe, BMW M2, Impala SS 1968
AA1 race = Corvette Stingray, Challenger Hellcat
S race = RUF CTR3
S1 race = Pagani Huayra, Agera R

On Nov 24th we will announce the winning cars, that will appear in the next Nitro Nation Online update. The Car Dealer will feature each winner as a new purchase option including your Player Name! (Example: DODGE CHARGER HELLCAT – PLAYERNAME123)

Please Note!

The only way the Nitro Nation Team can take your car designs from the server is if you PURCHASE the design you have made for your entry. For the best results, please add 3 screenshots for each car. (Front, Side, Back) Make sure the screenshots are as close as possible and please include your player name!

Disclaimer: if your Player Name contains anything deemed inappropriate, vulgar or rude you may be disqualified.