Boss Car Design Contest

NNO Boss Car Website Banner

Are you the hottest NNO car stylist? Design a Boss Car and get your name featured in Nitro Nation Online!

Starting May 24, 2017 – Each Wednesday, the ‘Boss Car of the Week’ will be announced on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and submissions will be accepted until the Sunday of that week. The Winner will be announced on next Tuesday.

Each winning design will be featured in NNO as the Career mode Boss’s car. The winner will recieve a NNO promo pack including a NNO T-Shirt and other swag.

A Grand Prize winner will be chosen amoungst all the winners, they will receive a BMW M4 GTS (or a car of their choice if they already have the M4 GTS)

Please Note! The only way the Nitro Nation Team can take your car designs from the server is if you PURCHASE the design you have made for your entry. For the best results, please be sure to give your car a unique name, add 3 screenshots for each car (Front, Side, Back). Make sure the screenshots are as close as possible and please include your player name!

Disclaimer: if your player name or car contains anything deemed inappropriate, vulgar or rude you may be disqualified.